A letter from Nirmala

Hello Farshad,

Thank you for translating my poems into Persian. I am very happy that my words are now also available in the language of Hafiz. Please publish and share your translation in any way that you wish. I do not care about copyright as the original book is already offered for free in English. I only ask that you always mention me as the author, and that whenever appropriate, you include a link to my website: http://endless-satsang.com. Please include the website address inside the translated book and do not include my mailing address, email address and/or phone number as both my mailing address and phone number have changed. But my website address is still the same, and people can best contact me through my website.

I would also ask that you send me a copy of the translated poems so that I can offer them for free on my website also. If you can put them in the same format as the attached version, that would be great as then I could also offer them through www.smashwords.com. If not, that is fine. The next best format for me to be able to share the translated poems would be .pdf, or you could send me a link to where the poems are available online in Persian.

I am so glad that the poems touched you so deeply, and thank you again for taking the time to translate them.


/ 6 نظر / 11 بازدید

بسیار بسیار خوشحال شدم باعث افتخار هستید


بسیار خوشحال شدم. افتخار آمیز است


خیلی تبریک میگم بهتون و به خودمون ... به شما برای این کار و این نامه ، به خودمون برا وجود شما . موفق باشین بیش از پیش [گل]

سلام . روزتون مبارک [گل]


بنویسین دیگه ... !

سکوت مقدس

یعنی نوشتن من اینقدر مهمه!!!!!!